Now Available: The Wanderer and the Wu Xing (and What’s That Spell?)

Sorry for the lack of recent posts… I got very exciting about expressing my Mystery Hunt thoughts, and after four posts on that I was out of energy. Also, the Cambridge Puzzle Hunt is in progress, about which I will have a lot of opinions to share after it’s over…

Nathan Curtis (aka Tortoise) crowdfunded a puzzlehunt this past fall called What’s That Spell?, which ran live in Boston and could also be mail-ordered. Part of the draw was a set of physical objects that would be used in solving, so there’s been a bit of a production delay, but I’m told it’ll be sent out in the very near future, and you can still order the puzzles here. (You can also patronize Nathan’s occasional-puzzle-pack service here.)

The campaign had a ton of stretch goals offering puzzles from a rogues’ gallery of constructors from the puzzlehunt community (one semi-prolific constructor wasn’t asked but is trying not to be bitter about it), including a puzzlehunt by Denis and Marc Moskowitz. That hunt is now available to everybody, and you can find it here.

I’m currently hoping to find time to post a SUMS 2016 recap before the CPH ends. So far my only recaps have been for things I wrote, so I’m curious what people would like to see in a puzzlehunt recap from a solver’s perspective. I’m certainly going to comment on what I found easy vs. hard, what I enjoyed and didn’t, and what changes might have helped things work better (purely in my opinion, of course). Is there other information people might want to see? And how spoilery should I be (keeping in mind I’ve already decided not to spoil any puzzlehunt unless the authors have already posted solutions)?


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