Puzzlvaria is a blog about puzzlehunts and puzzlehunt-style puzzles. These are the sorts of puzzles that often lack instructions and resolve to a word or phrase which may then be used again as part of a “metapuzzle.” Puzzles like these appear in venues like the MIT Mystery Hunt, The Game, P&A Magazine, DASH, BAPHL, Puzzled Pint, and many more.

The name Puzzlvaria comes from Escape From Zyzzlvaria, the fictional board game I invented for a single puzzle in the 2002 Mystery Hunt (which I wrote with Setec Astronomy). The game then became the theme  of the 2009 Mystery Hunt (which I wrote with The Evil Midnight Bombers That Bomb At Midnight). The fact that the word “Zyzzlvaria” now gets over 1000 hits on Google (including a 2014 usage in a problem used by MATHCOUNTS, a national student math competition I participated in over twenty years ago) completely astonishes me.